Jon Moxley – “I Could Have Walked Into SummerSlam With The AEW Belt”

Jon Moxley with the AEW World Title

Jon Moxley has become synonymous with All Elite Wrestling since joining the company and currently holds the distinction of being the promotion’s only three-time World Champion.

However, his time with AEW hasn’t always been smooth sailing. In November 2021 the star was forced to take a break from the ring after entering a rehabilitation program for alcohol-related issues. But Moxley was back with AEW the following January and embarked on one of the best years of his career.

In the midst of his run which included multiple-World Title reigns, Moxley battled CM Punk. The absent AEW star recently claimed that Moxley refused to lose to him during this storyline while rubbishing his idea for how their rivalry should play out.

During an appearance on The Sessions with his wife Renee Paquette, Moxley gave his thoughts on the situation around Punk before discussing their time working together. Reflecting on the summer of 2022, Moxley revealed that he was actually a free agent at the time, despite being AEW World Champion. The star explained that he was unsure about signing anything long-term so soon after returning to work following his time in rehab.

“I will say this. I will give you a tid bit of information from my point of view. The entire summer, I was not under contract [with AEW.] No contract. Free agent. I was at Summerslam weekend wrestling Desperado and sh*t the day of Summerslam. F***ing suplexed him on a bunch of aluminium cans and sh*t cut in half. It was f***ing dope. I could have walked into Summerslam that night with the AEW f***ing belt, if had I been so inclined. Nobody knew that because I don’t put my sh*t out there in the world and let everybody know every f***ing thing about my business.”

Moxley went on to say that he “bent over backwards” for CM Punk and AEW boss Tony Khan, noting that he was open to doing business despite not being under contract.

I basically don’t work there. For all intents and purposes. I don’t even work here. Tony [Khan] is not my boss. I don’t even have to be in this room. I don’t have to do sh*t.

So even me being in this room and offering and agreeing to a storyline that puts you over at the Pay-Per-View [All Out 2022] if anything, I am bending over backwards for Tony and for this dude, and for the company. Because I didn’t have to do sh*t. If anything, I was bending over backwards. So that’s it.

CM Punk And Jon Moxley Don’t Like Each Other

Moxley’s comments come after it was reported that he and Punk genuinely don’t like one another. The report also stated that the “majority” of wrestlers in AEW now don’t want CM Punk to return to the company.

H/t to SEScoops