Jon Moxley Fires Back At “Bullsh*t Drama” In AEW

Jon Moxley

Jon Moxley has outlined his frustration at the seemingly near-constant backstage drama in AEW.

In a new interview with his wife Renee Paquette on The Sessions, the three-time AEW World Champion covered a range of topics including his feelings on CM Punk, and his current role within AEW.

For much of 2022, AEW was dogged by reports of unrest backstage, with physical altercations breaking out more than once. This hit a peak in the post-All Out media scrum when Punk verbally attacked his employer before being involved in a fight backstage. With regard to the chaos Moxley said that while he tries to remain positive about AEW, he has “never seen so much bullsh*t drama in one place in my entire f*cking life.”

“I don’t complain, I see the good in everything and I’m having so much fun and life is good. I don’t want any negative bullsh*t. I will say this, and I hate to say it because I don’t think I’ve ever said anything even remotely negative about AEW, but I will say this, as an observer, I spent eight years on the Indies, a couple years in WWE developmental, eight years in WWE; I have never seen so much bullsh*t drama in one place in my entire f*cking life. I hate to say that. I don’t know if it’s the age of social media, sh*t gets blown out of proportion. One person types one stupid drunk tweet and all of a sudden it’s all anybody wants to talk about.”

Moxley added that while there are a great number of people who have no interest in the backstage chaos, they get sucked in. The former World Champion also stated that although he’s not an official coach — and has no desire to be — he enjoys working with other talents to help them improve.

“Let me be clear, the vast majority of people there don’t cause any bullsh*t, but they’re getting sucked down into the sh*t like everybody else, into the muck. There are plenty of people who just want to get better and perform and just do this job. I’m not an official coach, I don’t ever want to be a producer, an official producer. I don’t want to wear a headset and write stuff down. I like being a coach, but I’m not an official coach. I can coach people that I think are worth it. I’ll give time to anybody.”

Jon Moxley Was A Free Agent While AEW World Champion

During the conversation, Moxley incredibly revealed that he was not under contract when he was working with CM Punk in the summer of 2022. He explained that despite this, he was happy to work with Punk and Tony Khan.

Moxley eventually signed a new long-term deal in October.

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