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Jon Moxley Explains Why “WWE Promos F***ing Suck”

Jon Moxley

Jon Moxley has explained why in his opinion WWE promos aren’t as good as they could be and his philosophy is to keep things simple and straightforward.

Moxley burst onto the WWE scene in late 2012 as one-third of The Shield. Partnering with Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins the three men made an instant impact and gained massive popularity in their initial 18 months run as a group. When it all fell apart for The Shield Moxley, wrestling as Dean Ambrose, struck out on his own to great success. He led the SmackDown brand and held the WWE Championship.

Upon leaving WWE in 2019, Moxley has been critical of the company’s approach to creative decisions and having to recite scripted promos word for word. Now talking as a guest host on wife Renee Paquette’s Oral Sessions podcast, Jon Moxley has likened his decision on what to put in or leave out of his upcoming book reminds him of his approach to wrestling.

Moxley explained:

“As far as what to put in and what not, it’s kinda like a wrestling match or like a promo. That’s why WWE promos f***ing suck because they jam 5,000 f***ing words in there that aren’t necessary. Say what you want to say, mean what you want to say, get your point across. ‘I’m gonna beat your a** on Saturday night because I don’t like you.’ Boom, done.”

“And sometimes in a match, it’s like okay, we planned out all these f***ing spots but really, what is the story? What are we trying to get [across]? You’re the good guy, I’m the bad guy, you’re big, you’re small, you’re tall, you’re short – whatever the contrast of styles or the story we’re telling. Why do we have all [this]? Sometimes, you just look at it and go ‘We don’t need all that extra sh*t.’”

Jon Moxley has not been seen in his new home of All Elite Wrestling since the Double Or Nothing pay-per-view at the end of May. He and Renee Paquette announced the birth of their first child recently, a daughter they are going to call Nora.

Credit: Oral Sessions

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