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Jon Moxley – “Domino’s Need To Chill Out”

Chris Jericho & Nick Gage

Jon Moxley has had his say on the recent controversy involving a pizza cutter, Nick Gage, Chris Jericho’s forehead and Domino’s pizza.

In the main event of AEW Dynamite, Fight For The Fallen, Nick Gage and Chris Jericho met in what was described as a ‘no rules’ match. In practice this meant that AEW was headlined by a no holds barred Death Match involving a modern legend and a man who calls himself ‘The King of Ultraviolence.’

Unsurprisingly, the contest was a blood-soaked affair involving light tubes, chairs and yes, a pizza cutter. While the AEW crowd ate up the smorgasbord of destruction, one advertiser was less enthusiastic. With the violence in full flow, the show cut to a commercial break which included an ad for Domino’s. The combination has reportedly left Domino’s considering their advertising future with regard to AEW.

Never one to shy away from controversy, or in-ring violence for that matter, Jon Moxley has now had his say.

Speaking to Tony Pike & Rick Ucchino on Cincy 3:60, Moxley recalled how he felt watching the match backstage, before adding that Domino’s just need to chill out.

“I don’t think I’ve ever been more excited or nervous for a match, to watch a match, ever. I know [Jericho and Gage] from two different periods of my life so well and those two universes, I never would have imagined merging. Am I doing some drugs that I didn’t remember I took right now? I was standing back there with Eddie [Kingston] and we were watching on the monitor. Jericho went from the Frankensteiner and we’re holding hands like, ‘oh my God.’ That match friggin’ ruled. It was awesome,”

“Domino’s needs to chill out. They need to chill. It was a coincidence. Jump on the bandwagon. You don’t think Nick Gage can sell some pizzas for you? You don’t think the Noid is played out at this point? You’re bringing back the Noid?”

The brawl finally came to a merciful end with Jericho smashing a bundle of light tubes over an on rushing Gage, before hitting the Judas Effect.

After the match, which served as the second of MJF’s ‘Labours of Jericho,’ the leader of The Pinnacle grabbed a microphone. After taking some more verbal pot-shots at his bitter rival, MJF revealed that Jericho’s next match will be against a face from his past, Juventud Guerrera.

Guerrera and Jericho enjoyed a heated rivalry through early 1998, with the pair squaring off in a mask vs. title match at SuperBrawl VIII. On that occasion, Jericho won, forcing the Mexican to unmask for the first time. However, Guerrera got revenge later in the year, defeating Jericho to win his second Cruiserweight Championship.

H/t to Fightful for the transcription.