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Jon Moxley Confronts Nick Gage At Spring Break

Jon Moxley

Jon Moxley confronted the new GCW Champion and deathmatch wrestler Nick Gage at the end of the Spring Break event presented by Game Changer Wrestling.

The controversial Gage defeated Ricky Shane Page in the main event of Spring Break in a brutal twenty-four-minute match that left Gage’s face covered in blood. Nick Gage won the title after piledriving Page through panes of glass before following up with his chokebreaker.

After the bout, former AEW Champion Jon Moxley made his way to the ring and went head to head with Gage. As Moxley was leaving the ring, Gage flipped him off with the middle finger while shouting at the AEW star. Moxley then took exception and the two men exchanged punches. Jon Moxley got the upper hand and dropped Gage with a DDT. He then set up some light tubes and hit the Paradigm Shift on Gage through them.

A Busy Week For Jon Moxley

Moxley then left the ring. When Gage got back up he told the crowd that he would face Moxley in a “real deathmatch” in GCW. Gage was referring to the infamous exploding barbed wire deathmatch Moxley had with Kenny Omega at Revolution in February.

This confrontation continues a busy week for Jon Moxley. On AEW Dynamite he teamed with The Young Bucks against Kenny Omega and The Good Brothers. The AEW Tag Team Champions turned on Moxley during that bout, dropping him with superkicks and aligning with Kenny Omega once again.

The following night Moxley competed at John Barnett’s Bloodsport 6. Moxley suffered his first defeat at a Bloodsport event when the referee stopped the contest. Moxley was judge unable to intelligently defend himself as Barnett stomped away on him.

No announcement has yet been made about Jon Moxley facing Nick Gage in GCW. The last time the two men competed was in 2010 before Moxley signed with WWE.