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Jon Moxley Comments On CM Punk Going To AEW

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Former AEW World Heavyweight Champion, Jon Moxley, has given his thoughts on the possibility of CM Punk joined All Elite Wrestling.

Since the company’s inception, there has been much talk about ‘The Straight Edge Superstar’ joining the ranks for a handful of appearances per-year in order to put a proper end to his wrestling career as well as help give the promotion some gravitas where major names are concerned.

Names throughout the industry, including the legendary Jim Cornette, have opined that Tony Khan should give Punk a blank cheque in order for his services and these feelings were strengthened when the talent himself orated that he would return to the ring for the right price and the right story that interested him.

Now, the former ‘Lunatic Fringe’ has taken to Bleacher Report in order to conduct a Ask Me Anything session and one of the questions he received was from a fan who asked him outright if CM Punk would be a good fit for the Jacksonville outfit:

“If he wanted to be, that’s still really up to him. This is a place where a lot of people who love to wrestle come to wrestle. This is a great place to be.”

Whether CM Punk surfaces in Florida remains to be seen. While he hasn’t closed the door on a return to the industry – at least on a part-time basis – AEW may be his only destination after seemingly burning bridges with WWE following his 2014 exit.

Currently, expectant father Jon Moxley is waging a war on current AEW World Heavyweight Champion, Kenny Omega, who dethroned the star on December 2 via contentious means.

Credit for the interview: Bleacher Report

h/t for the transcription: Wrestling Inc.