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Johnny Gargano To Defend Against A ‘Worthy’ Opponent Next Week

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New NXT North American Champion Johnny Gargano has stated that he will defend his coveted gold on next week’s edition of the black and gold brand against a so-called, ‘worthy’ opponent.

On Wednesday night’s episode of NXT, Johnny Wrestling appeared in a segment shot from his house and he wasn’t alone. With him, sat at the Gargano family table, was the mysterious Ghostface whose unveiling we’re creeping ever closer too.

The segment began with Gargano talking about how much he loved wheels before he and Ghostface played A Game of Life. During the game, the champion talked about his shortcomings as a champion and noted that his one downfall has been defending the gold he’s won.

In order to put that right, he firmly orated that next week he would put the title on the line against a ‘worthy’ opponent.

The fact that he put extra emphasis on the word, ‘worthy’, would usually point to a specific wrestler Gargano has in mind and not an open challenge type segment in which anyone can answer the call.

With many speculating that Ghostface will unmask next week to give Gargano an easy first defence and therefore right the wrongs of his past, there is always the option of Austin Theory who walked away from NXT after losing two consecutive bouts in one night to Bronson Reed.

After all, Theory could not prove that he was worthy and Bronson Reed is next line for an NXT North American Championship Match when and where he chooses. It has been heavily been rumoured that Theory will be linked with Johnny Gargano in the not too distant future.

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