Johnny Gargano Vows To Reveal The Miz’s Secret On WWE Raw

The MIz Johnny Gargano

For months, Dexter Lumis has been stalking The Miz, even going so far as to kidnap the former WWE Champion last August. Last week, Johnny Gargano – who was aligned with Lumis as part of The Way in NXT – told Miz that he knew the secret reason that Lumis was going after him. This came after Shawn Michaels spoke with Miz on Raw’s season premiere and said that Lumis wouldn’t be going after him without a reason, leading credence to Gargano’s claim.

Miz was supposed to face Lumis one on one last week, but midway through the episode, he claimed to have fallen and hurt his leg due to custodial staff in Oklahoma City spilling water on the floor. However, Byron Saxton revealed that custodial records showed the floor hadn’t been mopped since the previous night, and when Gargano yelled “Look, it’s Dexter Lumis!” as Miz was speaking to Byron, the injury proved to be fake as Miz jumped up to try to escape his foe.

When it was obvious that Miz could participate in the match, Lumis made his entrance, only to be attacked from behind with a chair by Miz, who would do anything to avoid a singles match with his dangerous opponent.

Johnny Gargano Distracted The Miz To Allow R-Truth To Score An Upset Victory On WWE Raw

On the latest episode of WWE Raw, The Miz took to the ring to address the situation between himself and Dexter Lumis. He claimed that Lumis’ actions had driven away his protégé Tommaso Ciampa, and that he hadn’t heard from Ciampa in weeks. This brought out Johnny Gargano, who said that he texted Ciampa just yesterday and that his friend wasn’t hiding, he was home with an injury.

The crowd in Charlotte, NC was shocked to hear the music of R-Truth interrupt the segment, and the North Carolina native made a full entrance, rapping the lyrics to What’s Up? Truth took exception to Miz’s comments about his home state, and the two went head to head in singles action following a commercial break. During the bout, a hooded figure in the crowd distracted Miz and allowed R-Truth to score a shocking upset victory over the former WWE Champion. The figure was revealed not to be Lumis as Miz had thought, but instead was Johnny Gargano in disguise.

Later on in the episode, Miz handed Gargano a get well card for Candice LeRae, who’d been attacked by Damage CTRL earlier in the night. Miz said that he wanted to put the whole situation behind them, but Johnny Gargano insisted that the only thing they should focus on is telling the truth. He said that if Miz wouldn’t tell the truth about his feud with Lumis, then Gargano would reveal everything on next week’s episode of WWE Raw.

Full results from the October 24th episode of WWE Raw can be found here.