Johnny Gargano’s Rebel Heart Theme Song Remixed On WWE Raw [Video]

Johnny Gargano

For weeks, Johnny Gargano and The Miz have been embroiled in a feud over the truth behind Dexter Lumis stalking Miz. Two weeks ago, Gargano revealed that Miz had been paying for Lumis’ services in an attempt to gain notoriety, but that he’d stopped paying up and Dexter was still owed money, causing him to go after Miz for real.

Miz was meant to face off against Lumis in singles action back in October with the stipulation that if Lumis won, he would earn an official WWE contract. However, if Miz won, Lumis would have to leave WWE Raw forever. Before the match could begin, though, MIz attacked Lumis from behind, taking him out of action with multiple chair shots.

Last week, Gargano announced that another match between Miz and Lumis was scheduled for the November 28th episode of WWE Raw, but Gargano wanted a match with Miz on the November 21st episode before the second showdown with Dexter Lumis.

Johnny Gargano Debuted A New Version Of Rebel Heart On WWE Raw

Ahead of his scheduled match with The Miz on November 21st, Johnny Gargano made his entrance into the arena to a different theme tune than WWE fans are used to hearing. While still using the song Rebel Heart, the song featured different instrumentation and is now sung by a male vocalist. Gargano has spoken in the past about specifically requesting a female vocalist for the original version of his song. The new theme can be heard in the video below.

Despite being scheduled to face off against Gargano, The Miz claimed that he was unable to compete due to a hand injury from a cactus. However, since he knew Gargano would want to compete, he brought out Omos as his replacement in the match, leading to a surprise bout between Gargano and the Nigerian giant. Despite Gargano’s best efforts to chop the giant down to size, in the end, Omos was victorious.

Elsewhere on WWE Raw, it was revealed that Mia Yim would now be going by the name Michin, which means “crazy” in Korean. In addition, Rhea Ripley defeated Asuka in the main event to gain the advantage inside WarGames for her team at WWE Survivor Series. Full results from the November 21st episode of WWE Raw can be found here.