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Johnny Gargano And Candice LeRae Reveal The Gender Of Their Baby

Johnny Gargano & Candice LeRae

Johnny Gargano and Candice LeRae have revealed they’re having a baby boy!

The happy couple broke the news on social media as only they can. In the video, Gargano is playing with the couple’s dog Pawdme and a “balloon he found.” Candice was less than impressed with Johnny’s new game, explaining that it was the gender reveal ball.

Gargano questioned why his wife hadn’t gone with any of his ideas which included a stork or a prison. While Candice wasn’t convinced by either suggestion, Gargano revealed that he had a ‘Stork guy’ called Mork who is “the best in the business.”

After Johnny threw the ball to Candice, she juggled it briefly and Pawdme ran in and popped it covering Mrs Gargano in blue powder, much to the excitement of the proud father.

The reveal comes after the couple announced that they were expecting on August 12th.

It’s been quite the week for the couple as they saw their on-screen ‘daughter’ Indie Hartwell marry Dexter Lumis on the debut episode of NXT 2.0.

In the show’s main event, love finally prevailed as the wedding went off without a hitch. Apart from Lumis knocking out the priest and making thinly veiled threats with an axe. You know, the usual. But with the priest out of action the freshly ordained Beth Phoenix stepped up to the plate to marry the couple.