John Silver Reveals How Dark Order Has Changed, Discusses Brodie Lee

John Silver

Ever since their debut in AEW last year, John Silver and Alex Reynolds have been slowly on the ascendancy, immediately leaving an impression on the fans, while making their mark a little more on the company with every match. A large part of that growth in stature, of course, is down to the tag team joining Dark Order. Just shy of one year into their Dark Order tenure, the faction looks as dominant as ever with Brodie Lee at the helm.

John Silver recently appeared on the Living The Gimmick podcast, which features Jon Alba of Spectrum Sports 360, to discuss the mercurial rise of the group.

“I never knew that was expected or wanted from me, especially being in The Dark Order gimmick. You think of creepy cult guys that are brainwashed to be in this group basically, so I just did this look consistently, just tried to act vicious when I was in the ring. But then when I started doing the BTE, they were like ‘why aren’t you doing this on TV?’ I was like ‘(expletive), how was I supposed to know?’ So now it’s like almost a challenge to be even more out there and ridiculous and outrageous now. It’s like okay, now I can just be me. Now you’re seeing John Silver be actual John Silver.”

Silver also opened up about Brodie Lee being unveiled as The Exalted One, and taking the group to a whole new level.

“Once we started doing these bits, it was like natural chemistry, especially on camera. In real life too, but on camera you can clearly see it when something just clicks. But even backstage, we joke around, and he’s been great. He kind of helped us have more of an identity, especially on TV. Where it’s like okay, he is the leader, he is the big guy, he is the (expletive), the strong muscle (expletive) top dog, and we’re like his corporation almost, so it kind of made us feel like we knew more of our direction too just having that.”

Meanwhile, on this week’s AEW Unrestricted podcast, Brodie Lee opened up about his run in the Dark Order – and those comparisons to Mr McMahon.

You can listen to the entire episode of Living The Gimmick podcast featuring AEW’s John Silver here.

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