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John Silver Names Who Could Be AEW Dark’s Next Breakout Star

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John Silver has discussed what it takes to stand out on AEW Dark and named who he believes could be the show’s next breakout star!

During a recent AdFreeShows Q&A session, Inside The Ropes’ own Innes McVey asked John about standing out on AEW Dark and who’s particularly impressed him out of everyone he’s faced on the show.

Silver responded by first explaining that whilst many of those who compete on the program are great at wrestling, they also have to be able to connect to the crowd to get to that next level.

“Yeah, I mean, everyone has potential. When it comes to coming up, you have to find yourself. There’s some people that are fantastic wrestling-wise, absolutely great, but you have to make sure that the crowd relates to you in a way. That’s a big thing of it. If the crowd doesn’t want to cheer you or boo you or care if you’re wrestling, even if you’re having great matches, that’s not gonna work.”

The Dark Order member went on to name John Skyler as a potential breakout star in the future, recalling a time where the two managed to have a great singles match despite it being pitched last-minute due to an unfortunate injury.

“The first one that comes to mind is John Skyler. Most people don’t know this but when I wrestled Skyler on Dark, that wasn’t supposed to be the match. It was supposed to be myself and Alex [Reynolds] versus John Skyler and the wrestler, an independent legend, B-Boy. So right in the beginning of the match B-Boy actually tore his Achilles, so the match stopped and they decided to put me and Skyler in a match with obviously very little preparation.

We just kind of went out there, we did the match and everything he did was great. I think the match went very well. He’s also been around a long time, so I’ve been on shows with him on the indies. But to be prepared for a match and have an injury happen, unfortunately, and then have it switched and still be ready to go is a great attitude to have.”

The 29-year-old elaborated by naming others that fans should keep their eye on, including singles stars VSK and Eric James as well as the tag team Milk Chocolate!

“I think the first name I’d say is Skyler, but I gotta also mention my buddies who we’ve wrestled, and I feel bad sometimes because we just beat them up, VSK. I gotta say VSK, Eric James and I gotta say Milk Chocolate [Brandon Watts and Randy Summers] as well.”

During the same Q&A session, Silver also explained the hilarious reason why Griff Garrison is “a weirdo” and possibly even a serial killer in the making!

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