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John Morrison Shares Stunning Footage Of Scrapped Royal Rumble Spot (VIDEO)

John Morrison aka Johnny Elite

Former WWE Superstar John Morrison has shared a video of him practicing what would have been one of the ultimate Royal Rumble spots of all time in 2020.

Morrison has built a career defined by his awe-inspiring athleticism when it comes to the highest of high-flying moves.

It was in 2011 that the former Intercontinental Champion got to show off his athletic prowess in the Royal Rumble match. Morrison was sent flying to the outside by William Regal but used his parkour skills to avoid elimination by clinging to the ringside barrier before jumping to the steel steps at the corner of the ring and re-entering the match.

Now the star has taken to social media to share footage of him practicing for what would have been an incredible Rumble moment had it happened at the 2020 Royal Rumble. There was to be no great escape on that occasion for John Morrison as he was expelled from the match by a rampant Brock Lesnar.

As was seen in the men’s 2022 Royal Rumble, Morrison’s escape in 2011 was tougher to pull off than he made it look. Former WWE Champion Kofi Kingston attempted to evade a quick elimination in a similar style but the attempt proved in vain as he slipped with both feet hitting the ground rendering his exit from the match.

John Morrison was released from his WWE contract on November 18th, 2021 with the star set to headline a AAA show in February against El Hijo del Vikingo for the AAA Mega Championship.