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John Morrison Discusses The Creative Process Behind WWE Promos

The Miz & John Morrison

WWE promos have been a hot topic of conversation in recent weeks, and now John Morrison has opened up about the creative process behind his own segments.

Speaking in a new interview with TV Insider, Morrison described the collaborative process that goes into creating his promos.

During the interview it was put to Morrison that he appears to have a lot of creative freedom with his presentation. Johnny Drip-Drip explained that while there is some improv involved, his promos are very much a team effort.

“Sometimes it’s improv, but I would call it more collaborative. We’re not going to talk or say anything without producers, agents, writers, Vince [McMahon]. As soon as we get anything, we read it and talk to each other. We may say, “These lines are crap. Let’s fix it the best way we can and then go talk to them about our fixes.” It’s not good to be thrown into an office and just say something is garbage. You may say, “You know what I like better is this other option.” We constantly do that. A writer or Vince may agree and say, “This is better. But you know what would be even better? This.” It then evolves…Also, something that is lost on so many people is it takes a lot of courage to be vulnerable and be affected by something. Just being cognizant about that, which I wasn’t during the first run. Doing improv and saying things. We are having fun, but we also work really hard on the promos. Everything you see on TV, it’s a process.”

John Morrison initially joined WWE in 2002, eventually becoming the co-winner of the third series of Tough Enough. The victory meant that Morrison signed a developmental contract with WWE, which saw him join OVW.

After a run of success as part of MNM and later with The Miz, Morrison left the company at the tail end of 2011.

However, Morrison would return to WWE in January 2020 again aligning with The Miz. Reflecting on his partnership with the former WWE Champion, Morrison described how he loves working with his best friend.

“I really love working with The Miz. He is a great tag partner and wrestler. But, most importantly, he is one of my best friends. One of the people who were there for me when I was gone for the past eight years. I can call him and talk. Now that I’m back, nothing has changed. The chemistry we have on camera is based on authenticity. A lot of times in entertainment that’s not how it is. With Miz and me, we’re best friends off cameras, so it’s easy to show on camera.”

Morrison’s comments come after AEW star Jon Moxley was critical of WWE’s approach to promos while hosting his wife Renee Paquette’s Oral Sessions podcast. Speaking on the podcast, Moxley explained that he thought WWE promos “f**king suck.”

Meanwhile, on the most recent episode of RAW, John Morrison qualified for the men’s Money In The Bank Ladder Match by defeating Randy Orton.