John Cena’s WWE Schedule Is “Still Limited”

John Cena

Despite being gone most of the time to focus on his film career, John Cena is still treated like a very big deal in WWE. He is one of the company’s most decorated stars, most loyal ambassadors and, according to some fans, one of the biggest wrestling attractions in years.

And with WrestleMania 39 only three weeks away, some are wondering how much screen time Cena will get as he prepares for his United States title match against defending champion Austin Theory.

Over the past few days, conflicting reports have come out regarding Cena’s schedule. He was able to appear on RAW this week because filming for his movie “Ricky Stanicky” finished early. But shortly after his appearance on RAW, he left again to go shoot another movie, “Grand Death Lotto.”

Then on March 10th, a report went out that Cena would have more free time over the next few weeks to work for WWE and to more hype for WrestleMania. However, that no longer appears to be the case a day later.

According to Dave Meltzer on his Wrestling Observer Radio show, John Cena will not be penciled in on every major WWE TV show between now and WrestleMania. Instead, he’ll only appear when and if he can.

“When he’s free, he’ll be there.”

John Cena challenges for US title at WrestleMania for the third time in his career

Cena’s match with Austin Theory will be his third US title match on WWE’s biggest annual show.

His first was at WrestleMania XX when he beat The Big Show in the opening match to win the title for the first time. Then eleven years later, Cena beat Rusev to win the title for the fourth time.