John Cena Reacts To Incredible Peacemaker Halloween Costumes

John Cena

A fan dressed up as The Peacemaker for Halloween, and it brought out a reaction from former WWE Superstar John Cena.

Currently being streamed on HBO Max, the 16-time world champion plays the character of The Peacemaker, reprising the role that he played during “The Suicide Squad” movie in 2021 for the series. In DC Comics, The Peacemaker is a superhero, and the first season of John Cena‘s show playing the character was a huge success with both critics and fans.

John Cena Is Loving Halloween Season

Earlier in the year, HBO Max ordered a season two of “The Peacemaker” show. With all HBO Max original programming, the finale of season one of Cena’s DC Comic series broke the highest single-day viewership.

On Twitter, a fan uploaded a photo of them dressed as The Peacemaker, while also tagging Cena to get his attention.

“If you don’t want to believe in miracles, that’s on you.” -@JohnCena Happy Halloween from Peacemaker and Eagly.#Peacemaker #Halloween @DCpeacemaker”

Cena would comment back to the fan, wishing him a Happy Halloween.

“Partners in peace! Happy Halloween!”

In other John Cena-related news, WWE Hall of Famer Ric Flair recently made the comparison between Cena and controversial professional wrestler CM on a recent “To Be The Man” episode. Flair alleged that during Punk’s time in World Wrestling Entertainment, he thought he was a bigger star than Cena.

“I think he thought he was better than John Cena, which is absolutely not the truth as far as being the face of the company. I’ve heard the remark that he felt like he should have been John Cena, just in my opinion that wouldn’t fly. So that was just my take on it.”

For a different reason, another fan would dress up as John Cena for Halloween, with “The Doctor of Thuganomics” also issuing a response to that fan.

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