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John Cena Pens Two Tweet Based Books

John Cena Thumb

According to The Hollywood Reporter, for WWE Champion John Cena is to release two books based around his wealth of tweets.

For anyone who has taken a look at John Cena’s social media page, they will know that his timeline is full of quotes designed to inspire and motivate his followers to make their lives better. According to the report, these will form the basis of both books.

Described as a collection of uplifting and motivational quotes, the first tome, ‘Do Your Best Every Day To Be Your Best Every Day’, will be published by Random House and aimed at a young audience of between 8-12 year old children.

Tome two, ‘Be A Work In Progress’, will be a complimentary version of the first published by Ballantine and available for those of all ages.

John Cena spoke on the upcoming releases, stating his pride that he will be given the chance to inspire both adults and children with his wide ranging messages:

“We all have a lot on our minds, especially now, given the current state of the world. Words of encouragement can help us stay motivated and focused on what’s really important, and I hope that both Do Your Best Every Day to Do Your Best Every Day and Be a Work in Progress will inspire kids and adults to be the best versions of themselves.”

This isn’t John Cena’s first foray into the literary world. He is currently the author of the children’s book series, ‘Elbow Grease’, which is about a truck and inspired by Cena’s own experiences growing up with brothers.

John Cena will soon be able to be seen in the upcoming cinematic releases, ‘Project X-Traction’, ‘F9’, ‘The Suicide Squad’ and ‘Vacation Friends’ all due for release in 2021. On television, you will be able to catch him in his own series of Peacemaker – the role he will undertake in The Suicide Squad – and as the host of Wipeout.

‘Be A Work In Progress’ and ‘Do Your Best Every Day To Be Your Best Every Day’ will be released via physical copy and audio book on April 6, 2021.