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John Cena On “Aging Prospects” Making WWE’s Future “Less Stable”

John Cena

John Cena has laid bare his thoughts on WWE continuing to rely on older part-time competitors, saying it makes the company’s future less stable.

Cena recently returned to WWE after more than a year away when he went face to face at the end of the Money In The Bank pay-per-view in July with Roman Reigns. The sixteen-time champion of the world’s return had been widely speculated upon as it was reported that WWE wanted to pull out all the stops ahead of SummerSlam and their chance to fill a stadium with fans for the first time since the pandemic bit.

On SmackDown recently Cena took advantage of a melee during what should have been a contract signing for a match between WWE Universal Champion Reigns and would-be challenger Finn Balor. With Cena ending up with contract in hand he put his own name to the paper guaranteeing himself a title shot against Reigns at SummerSlam.

Since John Cena returned to WWE, fifty-four-year-old former WCW Champion Goldberg has made a comeback as well. He could become the oldest WWE Champion in history should he defeat Bobby Lashley at The Biggest Party Of The Summer.

Speaking to USA Today, Cena commented on the reliance of aging stars of yesteryear but admits he wishes he could still go in the ring full time:

“Man, I wish there was some sort of fountain of youth where I could be a full-time contributor. The longer they continue to bet on an aging prospect, that makes (WWE’s) future a little bit less stable.”

Cena also admitted that he grew frustrated in his younger days at the filmmaking process. For Cena the instant adulation…or otherwise of a live crowd was what he loved:

“I used to chastise people for not working as efficiently as the WWE. And as a young man, I failed big. I was judgmental and I was apprehensive and I wanted to be back in the ring because I loved that immediate gratification.”

John Cena has also recently commented on his admiration for WWE Chairman Vince McMahon, although he admits there have been some strange decisions within the company recently.