John Cena Names Surprising WrestleMania Match As The “Most Rewarding” Of His WWE Career

John Cena WWE World Heavyweight Champion

As one of WWE’s biggest and most decorated Superstars, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that he has performed at WrestleMania a total of 17 times. What is surprising, however, is the match he recently named as the most rewarding of his career.

The match he chose wasn’t his first WrestleMania where he defeated the Big Show to win his first singles title in WWE or when he defeated the Rock at WrestleMania 29. The match he named was his bizarre, fourth-wall-breaking Firefly Funhouse Match against The Fiend Bray Wyatt at WrestleMania 36.

The cinematic match placed Cena against the Fiend, who proceeded to psychologically torment him through a series of notorious moments during his career. The reenactments poked fun at his memorable moments and the development of his character before delving into and addressing some of the controversies surrounding his rise to the top.

Cena recently spoke to 92NY to promote the release of the latest Fast and the Furious movie “Fast X” and was asked which feud was the most rewarding during his WWE career.

“I did a unique piece of programming called the Firefly Funhouse match, which was a giant exercise in vulnerability. I worked my ass off on that thing, and I thank everyone who was involved because no one does it alone, but it was kind of my brainchild and my creation.

You want to talk about looking in the mirror, that was kind of a public look in the mirror. I’m glad we did it, and man, I’m glad it worked. I didn’t think anybody would get it, and they kind of it for me because of the pandemic happened, and the events were weird. But I’m really glad that people understood it, and there’s a lot of Easter eggs in there, too. If you don’t know, you can go back and watch it. I got to be in the NWO.”

John Cena Named Roman Reigns As “The Greatest Of All Time

As the 16-time World Champion winds down his in-ring career he was asked “passing the torch” to the net generation in another interview, this time with Busted Open Radio. However, Cena responded by saying that Roman Reigns grabbed the torch rather than it being passed along and has become the “greatest of all time” in the process.

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