John Cena Names Current Star “The Greatest Of All Time”

John Cena

Although he was a divisive star during his time at the top of WWE, John Cena is widely regarded as one of the greatest stars the company has ever produced. Now, he has named another star he believes deserves that title.

During an interview on Busted Open Radio, the 16-time World Champion spoke about passing the torch to the next generation, saying he believes that it has to be grabbed rather than passed down.

He noted that he was said to have passed the torch to Roman Reigns several years ago. Although it “didn’t happen” for him then, Cena believes Reigns has still gone on to be the GOAT and he did it on his own terms.

“You don’t pass it to anybody. You just hope to put energy out there and anyone with potential can get it.

“It was said that I passed the torch to Roman years ago, and he absolutely is the face of the franchise. In my mind, he’s the greatest of all time.

“I tried to do what I could, and when I did it, it wasn’t the miracle. Like, it didn’t happen. He got it on his own terms.

Later in the conversation, Cena said he was glad The Tribal Chief not only did things his way, but brought others along with him.

“I love that Roman did it his way. He did it his own way by crafting his own personality. He did it as a way by redefining what it is to be at the tip of the spear. He is there selectively. He has made himself exclusive and in doing so, he’s brought like eight people with him. He’s allowed the whole Bloodline to get over.”

John Cena responds to accusations he “buried” talent

During the same appearance, John Cena hit back at critics who have accused him of holding down other stars over the years.

According to the veteran, rather than burying anyone, he would invest his all into whichever programme he was involved in.

“I could only help the person that I was working with while I was working with him. The reputation I had in the sauce while I was in it was that I buried talent because I would really invest my wholeheartedness.

“I sat with Austin Theory for like 10 hours. Not wasted a day, invested a day, to talk about our why, like, what’s our story going to be? I would do that with everyone. I live it. My heart is on the plate.”

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