John Cena Reveals His One-Man Mount Rushmore Of Wrestling

John Cena

John Cena recently named the one person who he considers to be on his Mount Rushmore of professional wrestling.

Sixteen-time world champion John Cena celebrated his 20th anniversary in WWE last month. Although much has already changed since his celebration, including the retirement of former WWE CEO Vince McMahon.

While the controversy surrounding McMahon has led many to distance themselves from the former Head of Creative, Cena still applauds McMahon for all he’s done in the industry. In fact, he made the bold decision to put McMahon on his very own Mount Rushmore of pro wrestling.

During an appearance at Comic-Con Wales, the former WWE Champion was asked who he would pick to be on his personal Mount Rushmore. While the monument consists of four faces, Cena decided just to name McMahon.

“That’s a great question. I would change the monument, right. I would make it a one-person statue, and the face would be Vince McMahon,”

Cena’s bold decision to include McMahon on his personal Mount Rushmore is in stark contrast to what’s happening in WWE. A recent report suggested that WWE has removed all references to McMahon backstage, including changing the name of his main office to just CEO.

As for Cena, he’s currently filming the second season of the popular HBO Max series, Peacemaker. There were rumours of Cena wresting at SummerSlam against Theory; however, it appears that any match between the two is now on the backburner.

H/t – Sportskeeda