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John Cena – “I Have Been, Am And Always Will Be A WWE Superstar”

John Cena

John Cena hasn’t been seen inside a WWE ring since WrestleMania 36 in April of 2020.

At the event, the 16-time world champion took on The Fiend Bray Wyatt in a Firefly Funhouse Match. After being defeated, Cena’s motionless body simply vanished from the ring.

In recent years, Cena’s WWE appearances have become more and more infrequent, as much like The Rock before him, he has branched out into Hollywood. Cena’s stock has been steadily rising outside of the ring, with Mr Hustle, Loyalty and Respect set to appear in Fast & Furious 9 in June and Suicide Squad in August.

Speaking in a new interview with Bleacher Report, Cena dived into his approach to social media and how that ties in with his WWE career.

“I enjoy what I do with social media because it keeps me creative,” Cena said. “I also use it like a daily journal. It’s very much on my mind that I should be accountable for what I say. A lot of the existence on social media is brash, abrasive, argumentative, and I think it’s that way to give the lack of accountability and say whatever we want and not be held accountable for it. To me, it reinforces my self-worth. If I reach anyone, that’s great, but I do it for me.”

Cena expanded further saying that social media adds and extra level of accountability, meaning no one can question his values or how much he loves WWE.

“I didn’t get a reputation in WWE for being the most gifted technician,” he added. “That’s far outside of my grasp, but certainly whether people enjoyed what I did or not, I think they would say that I walked the talk and love the company I work for. I say ‘I love’ not ‘loved,’ and ‘work’ not ‘worked,’ because I have been, am and always will be a WWE Superstar.

“I don’t think there’s anyone who can debate my passion or values for the product, the company or how I live my life. This is just an extra degree of accountability that [social media] gives me.”

Later on in the conversation John Cena reflected on missing WrestleMania 37. The first WWE extravaganza he has missed since making his WrestleMania bow in 2004.

Cena reflected on having a window at the top in WWE, adding that the show will always go on without you. The veteran concluded by saying “It’s called WrestleMania, not CenaMania… I’ve been a part [of it], and that part is over.”

During a recent episode of his podcast, Grilling JR, Jim Ross, who signed Cena to WWE in 2000, praised Cena’s Make-A-Wish record. Crediting Cena for balancing his charity commitments with the rest of his career.