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John Cena Posts Heartwarming Message To The Miz

John Cena

WWE legend John Cena has heaped praise on The Miz in response to the ‘The A-Lister’ taking a shot at him on social media.

It was back in 2011, John Cena defeated five other stars in that year’s Elimination Chamber match to secure his place in the main event of WrestleMania 27, where he would challenge The Miz for the WWE Championship.

The bout itself was overshadowed by the return of The Rock, who was announced as the host of ‘The Showcase of the Immortals’ after a seven-year absence from WWE. ‘The Great One’ quickly inserted himself into Miz and Cena’s feud by insulting both men in the lead up to the event. Things got physical when The Rock appeared on Raw, only to be attacked by Miz and his protege Alex Riley. Cena helped fight the pair off before delivering an Attitude Adjustment to The Rock to end the show.

On the night, ‘The People’s Champ’ was to play a decisive role in The Miz retaining the WWE Championship. After the match had been declared a count-out while Miz and Cena fought on the outside, The Rock, in his capacity as host, restarted the bout under No-DQ rules. He then got revenge on Cena by hitting him with a Rock Bottom, allowing The Miz to get the pinfall victory.

Now, The Miz has taken a jab at John Cena by reminding him of his victory on Twitter. However, instead of rising to the bait, Cena instead praised ‘The Most Must-See Superstar’ by saying he remembers him “working his ass off” at the event.

“I do. Vividly. You worked your a** off on the road to the event and at the event itself. Sacrificing your body during the event to do all you could to give the audience every ounce, even possibly at the expense of your own memory. Your passion and dedication hasn’t ever changed.”

John Cena would go on to defeat The Miz for the WWE Championship the month after WrestleMania 27 at Extreme Rules in a steel cage match.

It was to be 10 years before Miz held the title again. He cashed in his Money in the Bank contract to defeat Drew McIntyre at Elimination Chamber 2021. The reign would only last eight days as Bobby Lashley took the title from him in three minutes on the following week’s Raw.