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John Cena Faces Backlash Following Controversial Tweet

John Cena

Former WWE Champion and Hollywood star John Cena has faced backlash following a Tweet where he seemingly referenced Russia’s war on Ukraine.

Cena took to social media where he sent out a message to the world where he hashtagged his Peacemaker character from The Suicide Squad movie and HBO series, while apparently referencing the war Russia is waging on Ukraine in Europe.

Cena’s Tweet read:

“If I could somehow summon the powers of a real life #Peacemaker I think this would be a great time to do so.”

Manu users quickly pointed out that Cena apparently using the war to promote his Peacemaker series was in poor taste. Some responses to Cena’s Tweet included one user writing “Great time to hashtag your show for trending purposes 🤣 very insensitive don’t you think?”

Another user implored John Cena to use his wealth to support the citizens of Ukraine, writing “I hope you didn’t mean to come off as disrespectful by using this to promote your show. You don’t have the powers of peacemaker but you do have the power of money and status. Please donate to help Ukraine or spread the link to donate.”

John Cena previously attracted a backlash in China after referring to Taiwan as a country. Cena issued an apology in Mandarin, which in turn attracted criticism from those who don’t support China’s claim to the country which sits between the East and South China Seas.