John Cena Was Considered To Become Fourth Member Of Evolution

John Cena

A former WWE writer pitched John Cena to become the fourth member of Evolution.

During what many wrestling fans called the Ruthless Aggression Era, the stable known as Evolution stood tall on Raw. The group helped launch the careers of Randy Orton and Batista, who both ended up defeating the leader of the dominant faction, Triple H, for the World Heavyweight Championship.

Although the stable was considered a success, one former WWE writer pitched having a familiar face as part of it. During his appearance on “The Kurt Angle Show,” Brian Gewirtz revealed that he pitched to have John Cena as the fourth Evolution member.

The former writer also touched on plans which would have seen Mark Jindrak take Batista’s place in the stable. The ex-WWE star even filmed vignettes with Triple H, Orton, and Ric Flair.

Although many were pitching Jindrak’s name, Gewirtz felt that Cena would’ve been a good fit as well.

“When I say this, I want to point out that this was discussed for maybe under two minutes in a single writer’s meeting with Vince, but in a single meeting, in which there were hundreds, if not thousands, of meetings. But, this was during the Jindrak to Randy Orton like, who is going to be the fourth member of Evolution period of time. And, I do remember, I don’t know if it was me who said it, somebody said it, I might have said it, was, ‘What about that John Cena guy joining Evolution?’ What if we did that?”

Interestingly, Cena fought every member of Evolution other than Ric Flair, although he currently remains tied with the WWE Hall of Famer on 16 World Championship wins.

During his full-time career many fans often called for Cena to turn heel, suggesting that it would have given his act a new lease of life. However, the switch in dynamic never took place and Cena remained WWE’s ultimate babyface.

Speaking elsewhere, Gewirtz revealed why McMahon never committed to turning his big star to the dark side.

H/t – Sportskeeda