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“John Cena Apparently Paid Our Fine” – Aiden English On Almost Being Fired

Aiden English standing in the spotlight

Matt Rehwoldt, formerly known as Aiden English, has recalled an incident which almost got himself, Rusev and Baron Corbin released before John Cena “apparently paid” their fines!

In a video released on his YouTube channel, Rehwoldt recounted the story of how he and several WWE Superstars went off-script during a SmackDown dark match in March 2018 which resulted in himself, Rusev and Baron Corbin being threatened with fines of up to $20,000 as well as potentially being released from the company!

The former Rusev Day member began by talking about their initial plans for the match and how it would have led to a fulfilling, up-beat moment to send the crowd home happy:

“It was me, Rusev and Baron Corbin versus The Usos and AJ Styles [in] a six-man tag. We went out there, had a blast and then in the conclusion, The Usos – who have been known to throw a few Superkicks – we decided we were gonna do something funny where they would start throwing a Superkick party.

They’d start throwing kick after kick after kick and we’d all just keep feeding in non-stop and it was gonna go for about 5 minutes and then eventually I was gonna roll out and my partners were gonna turn their back on me and just keep feeding me in. So the way we briefly talked about it was ‘Throw me in, throw me in’ and eventually, I’d tell everyone to stop and then I was gonna kick them and be like ‘Screw you!’, turn around, I get kicked one more time and it’s over.”

As they executed the plan, however, an unexpected individual became the focus of the crowd, forcing them to change the finish on the fly:

“But as we go, they kick, kick, kick, everybody’s kicked pretty much in the match. Except the referee, so the audience starts chanting ‘Referee! Referee!’. So, I got out again, they roll me back one more time and there the referee kicks me and I go ‘God!’ Everybody exploded. The crowd loved it! So I go back in one more time, I tell everybody to stop but then everyone’s chanting ‘Ref! Ref!’ and there AJ starts taking the referee’s shirt off, puts it on himself and is like ‘Kick his ass!’ or whatever.

I don’t know what’s going on, I’m still thinking ‘Are we gonna do the original finish? I guess not, but we’re gonna do something with the ref Dan.’ Sure enough, [the heels] start lining up and [we’re] like ‘Okay everybody kick, everybody kick’ so boom, triple kick on all of us. AJ jumps over, one-two-three, and of course Rusev kicks out from the referee and the audience pop! This is a blast, end of SmackDown, end of a long weekend for us. It was great.”

Whilst the crowd seemed to love the moment as much as everyone in the ring, the reaction backstage was far from positive:

“We get backstage and we get chewed a new one. Vince McMahon wasn’t there. Triple H wasn’t there. But the producers, the TR people, for some reason [were angry] because, I’m convinced, it was us and not some other major star. [We were told] ‘That’s not how you do it. You buried yourselves out there, you buried the business, people are not gonna like this’, and this was the SmackDown before WrestleMania [34].

We had to fly right down to New Orleans for WrestleMania and we get sat down and we got threatened with release, with gigantic fines – 10,000/20,000 dollar fines – the referee’s gonna get fired even though we were all telling him ‘Hey, do it! This is great, this is fun!’ The poor guy, I think he got a fine. We got sat down at WrestleMania in the green room at the hotel. It was unbelievable for having some fun.”

In a tweet promoting the video, the former Aiden English later added that he and the others blamed didn’t face the fines they were threatened with – thanks to a surprising contribution from John Cena:

Aiden English would continue teaming with Rusev until the duo split up towards the end of 2018. He then transitioned to commentating for 205 Live before being released during the mass talent exodus in April earlier this year. He’s since had two matches for Zelo Pro Wrestling as Matt Rehwoldt in September and October, having won both.

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