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John Cena Appears To Aim Cryptic New Social Media Post At Theory

John Cena & Austin Theory

As a man well versed in cryptic social media posts, it appears that John Cena’s latest target could be United States Champion Theory.

While the former Austin Theory is still making his way up the WWE ladder, and John Cena stands as one of the biggest names in company history, the two men seemingly have much in common.

On the April 18th episode of Monday Night Raw, Theory defeated Finn Balor to win the United States Championship for the first time.

While the championship is now seen as a stepping stone to bigger and better things, there was a point in 2015 where it became synonymous with John Cena and his series of open challenges. These matches found Cena being pushed to the limit by stars such as Cesaro, Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens.

In total, Cena has held the United States Championship a total of five times, it was also the first title that he won on the main roster.

Since capturing the title, Theory and Cena have traded complements and friendly jabs on social media and in interviews. It has even been reported that Vince McMahon sees Theory as a young John Cena.

At WWE Hell In A Cell, Theory successfully defended his title against Mustafa Ali, causing Cena to take to social media once more. Cryptically posting on Instagram, Cena shared a photo from 2015 when he was attacked by Kevin Owens who was making his main roster debut. With Cena left in a heap, Owens placed his foot on the United States Title.

Cena was also referenced multiple times during Theory’s match with Ali, both in the ring and on commentary. At one point, Ali locked in an STF, which is often utilised by Cena under the name STFU. While Corey Graves at the announce booth made reference to “ruthless aggression,” a phrase that became synonymous with Cena following his debut in 2002.