John Cena Admits He “Violated” Trust Of WWE Legend

The Undertaker John Cena

John Cena has recalled mending fences with one WWE legend after admitting he crossed the line during their in-ring rivalry.

The on-screen feud between John Cena and The Rock kicked into gear at WrestleMania 27 when The Great One, who was serving as host of the event, got involved in Cena’s match with The Miz. This set up a match between the pair the following year, famously dubbed “Once In A Lifetime.”

In the lead-up to the match, the pair clashed on the microphone, and this came to highlight the genuine tension between them. In one promo, Cena questioned The Rock’s love of the business, dismissing him for carving out a career in Hollywood.

Speaking during an appearance on the Happy Sad Confused podcast, Cena reflected on their relationship and how he regretted taking that jab in 2012. Cena added that it was only while getting ready to face The Rock again a year later that he fully realised the error of his ways.

“It’s all in good fun and it’s all for the business, but you’re supposed to have trust with each other and I violated his trust,” said Cena. “It’s only when we started the build-up to New York that I got to look at myself in the mirror deeper and say I was wrong. Not only did I hope that he would understand my perspective, but a year later I could admit that my perspective was wrong… We could’ve done it with everyone working together and playing nice and that was my fault.”

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During a different stop on his recent media tour, Cena reflected further on his WWE career, and the differences between himself and Roman Reigns. The 16-time World Champion admitted that he was unable to elevate talent in the same way that Reigns has while praising the Tribal Chief as the “greatest of all time.”

H/t to Wrestling Inc