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John Cena Admits Attending WrestleMania Would Be “Super, Super, Super Selfish”

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John Cena has revealed that while he would be able to make WrestleMania 37 in April, it would be unfair of him to hold up his current project to do so.

On February 1, the former WWE Champion gave an interview to Sports Illustrated in which he shot down rumours of an appearance on ‘The Grandest Stage of Them All’ when he stated that there was no logistical way he could make the trip.

Currently, Cena is busy filming the HBO Max series, Peacemaker – a spin-off of the character he plays in the upcoming Suicide Squad movie – in Vancouver, Canada, meaning that he would be required to quarantine for almost a month in order to travel to Florida and then back to Canada thanks to current restrictions of the COVID-19 pandemic.

However, now the leader of the Cenation has joined Forbes to admit that while his previous comments stand, he actually could make WrestleMania 37 but will not do so because of the repercussions of holding-up filming on the series:

“Every other year except for this year has been completely within my realm. If this were normal times, I would 100% be there. I’d find a way to contribute somehow. I’ve sat in the crowd as a fan. I’ll do whatever the event asks me to because it means that much to me, and WWE means that much to me, but I’m in Vancouver shooting Peacemaker for HBO Max. It’s a spinoff series based on my character from Suicide Squad, Peacemaker.

It’s an unbelievable opportunity, James Gunn has written the whole thing, he’s directing a bunch of the episodes. This is something that I’m inspired to do. Because of the quarantine law, if I were to fly to the states for Sunday on WrestleMania—which is totally possible—the complications arrive when I come back to Canada. Because then I would have to quarantine for 14 days and that puts production back more than two weeks, which costs a boatload of money, and that would be super, super, super selfish of me. I can’t do that to Warner, I can’t do that to DC, I can’t do that to James, I can’t do that to the Suicide Squad. It’s just not fair.”

Despite his protestations, WWE commentator Corey Graves believes that John Cena is swerving fans in order to shock the company’s first live audience in over a year and those watching on the WWE Network with a surprise appearance.

Even though the star is busier with life outside the ring presently, he has vowed that he is not done with wrestling and will return to WWE on a full-time basis as soon as time and present circumstances allow.

Credit for the interview: Forbes

h/t for the interview: Fightful