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John Cena Accidentally Injures Eric Andre On Set

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Former WWE Champion John Cena has accidentally injured comedian Eric Andre on the set of ‘The Eric Andre Show.’

A guest on the programme which airs on Adult Swim, John Cena participated in a skit with Andre where he was required to throw the star of the show through some shelves as he would eliminate an opponent in the Royal Rumble.

Though Cena completed the action without a hitch and the comedian crashed through the props without incident, the shelf then proceeded to break away and thunder into Eric Andre’s unsuspecting head. The segment, which John Cena cannot be held responsible for, can be seen in the tweet below.

Following the recording of said stunt, Andre was transported to a local hospital for evaluation. He received a CAT scan which revealed he had suffered a concussion as a result of the mishap.

Recently, Eric Andre appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live to discuss the accident.

“John Cena did the stunt right, but we prepped for the stunt wrong. And, that metal shelf came over and clocked me in the head… And I got concussed.”

John Cena has recently been called the greatest WWE Superstar of all time by Kurt Angle and married new partner, Shay Shariatzadeh. He has also been linked heavily to a new G.I. Joe movie alongside Spider-Man actor, Tom Holland.