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Joey Mercury Hits Out At WrestleMania Match, Calls It “The Sh*ts”

Joey Mercury

Former WWE producer Joey Mercury has branded one particular WrestleMania match “the sh*ts,” commenting that it made no sense.

At WrestleMania 38 Edge and AJ Styles met in a heated grudge match after weeks of aggravation and violent attacks between the pair.

On night two of the spectacular, Edge defeated Styles in a little over 24 minutes with some assistance from Damian Priest. Although the former United States Champion didn’t get physically involved in the match, his appearance when Styles was about to go for the Phenomenal Forearm distracted the star, giving Edge opportunity to recover and hit a Spear to grab the win.

After the match, Priest and Edge posed together, with the partnership between the two men being confirmed in the weeks after the show.

Speaking during an appearance on Wrestling Shoot Interviews, Joey Mercury said that he didn’t think the finish of the match made any sense.

“Logically, to me, this was the sh**s,” Mercury said. “It doesn’t make any sense. There were several times that AJ Styles went out to the apron in an attempt to show that he wanted to connect with his Phenomenal Forearm. [Where] the f*** was Damian Priest?! He got really lucky that AJ didn’t connect with those first two attempts!”

Despite this, the former WWE star predicts big things for Priest, who he worked with during his time in Ring of Honor.

“He can do anything and for as long as he wants to, especially now as evident by the end of this thing,” Mercury said. “Being aligned with Edge is something that’s gonna give him a rub and elevate him past what he was doing. It’s good to see because that guy, once he gets elevated, he’s gonna stay there.”

Joey Mercury initially signed with WWE in 2004, working as one half of the tag team MNM alongside John Morrison. He remained with the company until 2007, when he returned to the independent scene upon being released from his contract.

The star returned to WWE in 2010 where he formed part of CM Punk’s stable the Straight Edge Society. After suffering an injury, Mercury transitioned into becoming a trainer and producer. He left the company for a second time in early 2017.

H/t to Sportskeeda for the transcription.