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Joey Janela Says He Wasn’t Kept By AEW After He “Ran His Mouth”

Joey Janela

Former AEW star Joey Janela says he thinks comments he made in an interview cost him a contract renewal in AEW with Tony Khan “hot” about the situation.

Joey Janela was an AEW original, with the star competing on the company’s first show – Double Or Nothing in 2019 – where he took part in the inaugural Casino Battle Royale. His highest-profile match in AEW came the following month at Fyter Fest where he fought Jon Moxley in a Lights Out match.

Janela recently left AEW following his contract expiring but speaking on Insight with Chris Van Vliet, The Bad Bad Boy thinks comments he made about not hearing from management cost him a new deal:

“Chances are that I was going to be renewed, whether it be with Ring of Honor or here and I just ran my mouth in an interview saying I haven’t heard from anyone, what is going on? I guess I’m not getting renewed.”

“I heard Tony was hot about it. Because it made him look bad, made their talent relations look bad, but at the same time, it made them improve their communications with talent, within that two-week period that I did that, communications were a lot better. I heard people were upset, but I also heard talent was hitting me up saying you’re 100% correct, you spoke up and you’re correct, and that was cool for you to take that risk.”

“I assume he’s still a little irked by it. But there’s no hard feelings on either side. There’s no bridges burned between me and AEW. I’m friends with all the talent there. I’m in contact with all the talent. And a lot of talent there, Tony has a hard, hard job. He wears a lot of hats.”

Joey Janela went on to discuss the size of the AEW roster and believes that Tony Khan has a lot on his plate both with other business interests and with trying to keep his ever-expanding roster happy:

“Not only is doing the football thing and he’s doing the football thing in the United States, he’s always having phone calls with those situations or writing something with that. Then he has to book a wrestling show. Three wrestling shows. But the thing is he’s not booking a traditional wrestling show.”

“Now he has a large roster, huge roster. He signed some of the greatest free agents. And you have three hours of TV a week, and when you’re not booking a traditional wrestling show and you wanna book a TV show like a mini pay-per-view every week, a lot of the talent is not gonna get time every week.

“And they’re gonna have to either sit out and wait for something to come up, and sit out of the rotation, and go to work, or they can try to pitch something or go a creative route or they can just wait for something to come. Some of the guys there right now, they just feel like they should be given more, which I believe a lot of guys are and it’s very hard to book it a wrestling show when you’re booking it like a pay-per-view.”

h/t WrestleZone