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Joey Janela Hits Out At The Undertaker Over Recent Comments

Joey Janela makes his entrance.

Joey Janela has fired back at The Undertaker after he suggested that a “level of grit” was missing from modern day wrestling.

Soon-to-be WWE Hall of Famer The Undertaker recently caused a stir online regarding comments he made about modern wrestling. The Deadman initially discussed the evolution of the wrestling industry as a whole, pointing out how social media has changed how stars have to live their life in public.

‘Taker then went on to comment on what he sees as a level of grit that is missing from today’s product. Something he admitted wasn’t really anyone’s fault, rather how the industry has changed now that his generation has moved on.

“I feel like there is a level of grit that is missing from today’s product. I don’t know that it’s anybody’s fault. We all aged out. That new group has come up. When you watch Brock wrestle, you’re interested because you know; he has this background as an amateur wrestler, professional wrestler, mixed martial artist. Brock doesn’t do a bunch of crazy moves. He manhandles your ass. You get in there, get thrown around, and get smashed.”

“Roman (Reigns) has a little bit of that to him. When he wants to, Randy (Orton) has a bit of that to him. A lot of the younger talent…it’s the evolution that comic book era, the superhero era, that’s their motivation and inspiration. They didn’t have to come up and bust heads in bars and figure out how they’re going to eat. Good or bad, it’s what it is.”

Posting on social media, AEW star Joey Janela, sarcastically hit back at The Phenom, writing that he agreed and that when he opens a wrestling school you’ll need to show proof of two bar fights before you can have a match.

While Joey Janela is currently under contract with AEW, the star recently confirmed that he will be leaving the company when his contract expires at the end of April.