Joe Rogan Blasts Signature Move Of Ric Flair As “Dumb”

Ric Flair applies a Figure Four Leglock on Rob Van Dam on WWE Raw 2004

Every great professional wrestler needs an equally-as-iconic finishing move and for Ric Flair, that move was the Figure Four Leglock. ‘The Nature Boy’ utilised the submission to great avail throughout his career after adopting it from fellow WWE Hall of Famer and ‘Nature Boy’, the late Buddy Rogers.

The move brought many great victories for the two-time WWE Hall of Famer and has since been parodied and adopted by other performers, including The Miz and Jay Lethal. Lethal famously used the move against Flair during their hilarious 2010 feud in TNA.

Joe Rogan Claims Ric Flair’s Figure Four Leglock “Doesn’t Work”

Despite the rewards the move brought to Ric Flair, not everyone is a fan; Joe Rogan certainly isn’t. In fact, Rogan has heavily slammed the move during a recent edition of the Joe Rogan Experience. The episode, featuring the Grammy Award-winning Rick Rubin, saw Rogan state how it “doesn’t work” and will be seen in a jiu-jitsu competition:

“A bunch of [pro] wrestlers got mad at me…I was trying to explain how dumb a Figure Four Leglock was because I was like he was literally giving up an inside heel hook.

[An] Inside heel hook is one of the most devastating submission techniques because once someone gets it the time you have to tap is so small before your knee gets ripped apart and so, a Figure-four leg lock you’ll never see in a jiu-jitsu competition. It doesn’t work. It’s funny in that regard, you know, you are doing this thing but this thing in the real world is the worst thing you do.”

This isn’t the first time Joe Rogan has mocked professional wrestling in comparison to mixed martial arts, having spoken on a previous Joe Rogan Experience – which featured comedian Patton Oswalt as a guest – where he stated how wrestling was “definitely scripted“. Despite this, he still respects those involved for being “pretty bada**”.

Ric Flair appears to have now applied his final Figure Four Leglock on Jeff Jarrett, doing so at the controversial Ric Flair’s Last Match event on July 31st.

H/T to LowKick MMA.