Joe Hendry Set To Be ‘Involved Significantly’ At IMPACT Wrestling Bound For Glory

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Returning IMPACT Wrestling star Joe Hendry has revealed that he will be ‘involved significantly’ at Bound For Glory 2022 following his four year spell away from the company.

Following a four year departure Joe Hendry has returned to IMPACT Wrestling in a series of hilarious vignettes that have seen him torment the life of an unfortunate family as he seeks to ‘motivate IMPACT Wrestling’.

Ahead of IMPACT Wrestling’s annual Bound For Glory PPV, Joe Hendry sat down with Inside The Ropes own Liam Alexander-Stewart to discuss his return to the iconic promotion and what fans can expect from him after four years away from the company.

“It’s crazy how life works out, I feel like I’m one of these people that believes everything happens for a reason and the pandemic helped me as a wrestler, because with me, there was always something that clicked, I always knew how to entertain the fans.

I was very focused with my entrances and my promos, and the stuff that I was putting out there, but I think it took the pandemic for me to become an all round complete performer.

I had to be really honest with myself, you know, I was away from the business for a while because of that. I remember seeing some action figures and I really thought if I was an action figure, I’d probably be the most boring one. So I was like, right, well, I got to do something to change that.

So I started thinking about what can I do? How can I mix this up? I started thinking I need to do something different in ring as well and at the suggestion of my trusted colleagues to go back and start watching wrestling from 1996.

So I started watching that religiously and I saw the rise of Sycho Sid and I was like I think wrestling needs more of this. So I decided to dye my hair blonde start using power bombs and chokeslams and things like that. In wrestling, there’s there’s a lot of you know, amazing athleticism and things like that, but actually, we just need some some badasses in there throwing people around.”

The former ‘Global Hero’ would then reveal to Inside The Ropes that he will ‘involved significantly’ at Bound For Glory 2022 although he can’t yet reveal in what capacity.

“Well, I’ve recovered from being put through a table by Murder Clown and I’ve made it back to IMPACT Wrestling.

I’m delighted to be here, It’s just very exciting.

The last three weeks when doing these vignettes, I’ve had a lot of creative freedom, so I’m very excited going into Bound For Glory.

I am able to say I am going to be on that show in front of the live audience. I can’t see what I’ll be doing yet. But, I will be on that show and I will be involved significantly. So I am very excited.”

Bound for Glory 2022 looks to be a stacked card with Mickie James putting her career on the line against Mia Yim and Josh Alexander defending his prestigious IMPACT Championship against Honor No More’s Eddie Edwards.

Many thanks to Joe for taking the time out to talk with us – you can support him on social media and by checking out Bound For Glory 2022 airing live Friday October 7th via FITE TV.

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