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Jinder Mahal “WWE Is My Passion, My Life, All I Ever Wanted To Do”

Jinder Mahal

Former WWE Champion Jinder Mahal has returned to the ring following knee surgery, which had kept him out since April 2020. Mahal teamed up with the Bollywood Boyz in a losing effort against Drew McIntyre and Indus Sher at WWE Superstar Spectacle.

Prior to his return to action, Mahal spoke to First Post describing how he was more motivated than ever, outlining his aim to have a long career in WWE.

“I’m still inspired, just like before, even more motivated than ever before. I want to have a long career in WWE and now that I’m realising that I’m getting a little bit older, I’m 34 years old, I just have to take care of myself a little bit more. So now I’m doing more yoga, more recovery stuff, just staying on top of the recovery aspect,”

“The Modern Day Maharaja” also detailed just how tough he had found being off the road after first sustaining the knee injury in 2019, which caused him to be away from WWE for an extended period for the first time. Before going on to call WWE his “passion” and “all i ever wanted to do.”

“It was very tough… First time I’ve been injured, first time I’ve missed time away from WWE. So it was definitely hard at first. I went from being on the road, 200-plus days in a year performing every night to all of a sudden now I’m home, I’m just doing rehab every single day.

“But, I kind of challenged myself at rehab, every day I wanted to see the growth just like I challenged myself in WWE. Just like every match I wanted to get better, every day at rehab I wanted to get better and come back stronger. I was super motivated to come back. Obviously WWE is my passion, is my life, is all I ever wanted to do.

Mahal first underwent surgery in 2019, before returning to action against Akira Tozawa on RAW the following year. However, it was soon revealed that he would need further surgery on the troublesome injury, and was once again removed from television.

Ahead of his latest comeback, WWE Champion and Mahal’s former 3MB partner Drew McIntyre praised the former champion commenting that he “looks incredible.”

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