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Jinder Mahal On Backstage Aspirations, Working With Veer & Shanky

Jinder Mahal

Jinder Mahal has opened up about whether he had any backstage involvement in Superstar Spectacle, and how he would love to move behind the scenes after his in-ring career ends.

Speaking with Inside The Ropes‘ Lead Writer Gary Cassidy ahead of WWE Glasgow, Mahal said, for now, he’s only a mentor for Veer and Shanky by proxy, having added both men to his ranks on RAW.

“Just mentoring in an unofficial capacity. Right now, my focus is on in-ring. I think once my in-ring career is possibly done, I would like to get into that side. But for now, mentor. Right now, I have Veer and Shanky. I’m actually more careful with their stuff than I am on my own, like, in terms of their matches and how they’re projected or what they do. Yeah, I’m more careful about their stuff than even mine, so definitely and I enjoy that role. I enjoy mentoring in a way or even we have some new guys on tour here watching their matches and any of you know, if they want, if they ask me, I can give some advice.”
Former WWE Champion Jinder Mahal went on to say he’d love to work with a brand new heel and, when his in-ring career is over, make the move backstage.
“Yeah, especially like, I believe I would be great to work with a brand new heel because I kind of know the lay of the land really well, the style, the WWE style. And you know what draws the best reaction from the crowd. So I would like to work with young, young heels and definitely when my in-ring career is over, I would hope to do something backstage.”
WWE Live returns to the UK in November. More information about that tour is available here.