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Jinder Mahal Discusses Biker Character & Undertaker Inspiration

Jinder Mahal

Former WWE Champion Jinder Mahal has opened up about the process of his character change upon returning to WWE, and what was changed from his original pitch to the fruition of the move.

Speaking with Inside The Ropes‘ Lead Writer Gary Cassidy ahead of WWE Glasgow, Jinder Mahal was asked about his evolution of a character into what fans are calling “The Jindertaker” and how becoming a biker all came about.

I think the bike is now gone, unfortunately, Drew McIntyre destroyed it and he got an action figure. So I expect half the royalties, right? But, yeah, just constant evolution. I see Superstars who have long careers and they constantly reinvent themselves. Like you said, ‘Jindertaker’. Take, for instance, The Undertaker. The Deadman, we see him on the motorcycle, Deadman walking, all this and then back to the dead man. But then, for the first time ever, he showed a side outside of him outside of wrestling, where they showed a backstage look at him with the documentaries, which has never been done. So even that in itself is an evolution, I think just having longevity, you kind of have to change a little bit.

Mahal went on to discuss how he himself wanted to make small changes just to look different upon his return.

“Even something as simple as cutting my hair off, when I came back from injury, I wanted to look a little bit different, so I just buzzed the head. But yes, I am left out of that conversation and actually, yesterday is the ninth year anniversary of 3MB. So alongside myself, Drew McIntyre has also done a great job of reinventing himself, respect to Drew McIntyre, but unfortunately, Drew McIntyre, he just spoiled it for you. He did everything that I did, except he’s celebrated and, for some reason, Kenny is my only Jindermaholic. Where’s the rest of them, right?”

Mahal went on to discuss if anything he pitches was missing from the current presentation.

“Yes. So when I came back, I spoke to Vince about giving me the Indus Sher tag team, Saurav and Rinku, Veer and Saurav. Unfortunately, Saurav was in India, so I got Shanky. There had been many rumours as to why Indus Sher were split up and only one member joined forces with Mahal, but the former WWE Champion put that speculation to rest. “So it wasn’t the original plan, but, you know, making it work, and hopefully when Saurav makes it back. He’s dealing with some visa issues. I think once they get sorted, you know, let’s add more more to the group because the Indus Sher tag team in NXT, phenomenal, great look. Shanky is awesome too, he brings something special. Seven feet tall. But I think we get that tag team, we have Shanky, we have me like, even though we’re a group, we’re still different. You know, we dress different. We have different styles. Everything is different. So I think it’s a good, good group. So that’s one of the things didn’t get yet. But I’m hopeful that it will happen.”

WWE Live returns to the UK in November. More information about that tour is available here.