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Jimmy Uso Responds To Sasha Banks & Naomi’s Raw Walkout

Naomi Jimmy Uso

Jimmy Uso, the husband of Naomi, has commented on the controversial walkout by her and Sasha Banks during WWE’s latest offering of Monday Night Raw.

The ever-changing landscape surrounding Sasha Banks and Naomi’s walkout during WWE Raw has led to numerous wrestling personalities chiming in, some in support of the current WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions and others in defence of WWE.

The latest name to join the conversation is Jimmy Uso, a current WWE Superstar in his own right and husband to Naomi. The reigning WWE SmackDown Tag Team Champion shared two photos to his Instagram story recently, showing the duo with the Women’s Tag Team Championships as his way of supporting them:

Sasha Banks’ husband Sarath Ton, who previously wrestled under the moniker of Mikaze, also made a comment recently, deceiving a Ringside News report claiming that Sasha and Naomi had been removed from WWE events through to July as “next level bulls**t”. The former Team B.A.D are yet to comment on the developing situation.

Having held the WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions since usurping Carmella and Queen Zelina on night two of WrestleMania 38, Naomi and Sasha Banks’ decision has led to many differing reports. There is reported backstage heat on the pair, but specifically on ‘The Legit Boss’, who has since been branded both a “diva” and a “mark” for her behaviour.

Naomi’s WWE contract is also expected to expire soon, though an exact date hasn’t been revealed. Dave Meltzer noted as such on the latest Wrestling Observer Radio, stating that there had at least been talks between the two sides with regards to a new deal being reached.

Signing with WWE in August 2009, Naomi is a WWE veteran, having previously enjoyed two reigns as SmackDown Women’s Champion, alongside winning the 2018 WrestleMania Women’s Battle Royal. She’s viewed by many to be one of the company’s most underrated talents.