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Jimmy Korderas On The Future Of The Dark Order

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Former WWE referee, Jimmy Korderas, has commented on The Dark Order and where AEW should take them following the passing of Jon Huber.

Since Jon ‘Brodie Lee’ Huber’s untimely death on December 26, 2020, many have speculated over the future of The Dark Order now the faction are without their beloved leader.

Some have opined that the bloc should be disbanded because it can never be the same without their ‘Exalted One’, while others have plumped for the notion that the group should capitalise on their recent popularity and respect and turn babyface in order to rejuvenate them going forward.

However, Jimmy Korderas sits in a different camp. Joining The Wrestling Inc. Daily Podcast, the former official talked about where he would like to see The Dark Order go in the wake of their heartbreaking loss and remains in the camp of those who want to see the stable remain villains:

“I hate to say this, but yeah, you can make them heels. I don’t want them to put down the the legacy of Brodie, but at the same time, use that to fuel them into this nasty group and say, ‘Listen, our leader is gone’, just tie it in somehow, but it’s going to be hard to do tastefully, if that makes sense.”

Whatever AEW choose to do with the group going forward, the only certainty is that their actions will be met with much scrutiny.

A new leader – Colt Cabana – will draw the ire or fans who struggle to process the loss which is still raw. A babyface turn will be met with raised eyebrows and go against the grain of what the stable stood for. While keeping them heel will necessitate a storyline that elevates them beyond the level they currently occupy.

On the December 30 AEW Dynamite: A Celebration of Life, The Dark Order paid tribute to their fallen leader with a tearful salute in the middle of the ring. It was just one of many testimonials on the night that marked the passing of a wonderful man.

Since leaving World Wrestling Entertainment in 2009, Jimmy Korderas has made a name for himself both in and outside the squared circle officiating for Ring of Honor and lending his voice to commentary for several independent promotions.

Credit for the interview: The Wrestling Inc. Daily Podcast

h/t for the transcription: Wrestling Inc.