Jimmy Korderas On How Vince McMahon Talks To Referees

Vince McMahon with Referee

Former WWE referee Jimmy Korderas has opened up about the differences in how Vince McMahon interacts with referees compared to wrestlers.

Speaking to Nick Hausman on The Wrestling Inc. Daily, the long-time referee revealed that the WWE Chairman is less “hands on” with the referees, but will acknowledge positives as well as pointing out things that could be better.

“He’s not as hands on with refs as he is with wrestlers, at the same time, when he sees something that he really likes, he will acknowledge it. If he thinks there’s something we can correct, he’ll point out that as well.

Korderas went on to say that the referees usually deal with WWE Agents rather than McMahon himself.

“Generally, he leaves the referees to the agents because there’s this persona that surrounds Vince that maybe all the refs are too intimidated by him.”

Jimmy Korderas worked for WWE from 1987-2009 and was the referee for many huge matches, including the triangle TLC match at Wrestlemania X-Seven and the main event of Wrestlemania XXIV, which saw The Undertaker defeat Edge for the World Heavyweight Championship.


Since leaving WWE, Korderas has published an autobiography about his time as a referee, and currently co-hosts Aftermath on Sportsnet.

Credit to Wrestling Inc. for the transcription.