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Jimmy Hart Reveals Part In NWO Wolfpac Entrance Theme

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‘The Mouth of the South’ Jimmy Hart has spoken out about the part he played in creating the iconic entrance music for the NWO Wolfpac.

While many will know and love the microphone toting mouthpiece as a manager to the likes of The Hart Foundation, Hulk Hogan, Earthquake and many, many more, behind the scenes Jimmy Hart was also an accomplished producer of music and leant his talent to the creation of many iconic wrestling tunes.

Responsible for the likes of Shawn Michaels’ iconic ‘Sexy Boy’, ‘All American Boys’ which accompanied his Fabulous Rougeau Brothers to the ring, Buff Bagwell’s iconic WCW ditty as well as ‘American Made’, the Hulk Hogan theme that replaced ‘Real American’ when he departed WWF, Jimmy Hart seemingly had input in another legendary wrestling tune.

Sitting down with The Battleground Podcast, one of the greatest talkers in the industry spoke about how he wrote and prepared the theme tune for the NWO Wolfpac. The red spin-off faction of the New World Order:

“Scott Hall and Kevin Nash were kind of cool and Hulk was in with them too, and Hulk has always been my main man. I wanted to make sure I did something great for them, so we came up with a song called the Wolfpac and that was the second tier of the NWO, when they wore the red and black instead of the black and white. That’s when Nash and Hall split off on their own. I took it to Kevin and Scott, they loved it, and we went with it. I got a good rapper [C-Murder] to rap it for me and we cut it in Tampa, Florida over at Morrisound Studio. It turned out to be really good for us.”

The unforgettable tune which began with the howl of a lone wolf outlasted professional wrestling and, as Hart explained, was also used to accompany another athlete in a completely different sport:

“You know what’s funny? Jason Giambi, when he played for the Yankees, used it for his theme song when he went up to the plate. Several others used it too, but I was thrilled to have that done.”

Jimmy Hart returned, alongside Hulk Hogan, to WWE on January 6, 2021, for Raw Legends Night.

Credit for the interview: The Battleground Podcast

h/t for the transcription: Fightful