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Jim Ross Explains Why Triple H Wasn’t Always A Popular Figure Backstage

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Jim Ross has lifted the lid on why Triple H wasn’t always the most popular figure backstage during his full-time in-ring career.

Triple H is one of the most decorated performers in the history of WWE. Since his debut in 1995, The Game has racked up 14 World Championship wins, two Royal Rumble wins, a King of the Ring victory as well as numerous other championship reigns. During the course of his gold-laden career he has also feuded with multiple legends and Hall of Famers including The Rock, Shawn Michaels, The Undertaker and Mick Foley.

However, despite his enormous success, some former Superstars and sections of WWE fans have claimed that Triple H gained this status by using his significant political influence backstage. First as a member of ‘The Kilq,’ and later by marrying Stephanie McMahon.

Speaking on a recent episode of his Grilling JR podcast, available via AdFreeShows, Jim Ross who worked as Head of Talent Relations in WWE for a number of years, gave his thoughts on the subject. Ross said that it would be churlish to suggest that Triple H wasn’t going to be a star, but his political manoeuvring didn’t always sit well with his fellow Superstars.

”I knew he [Triple H] was going to be a star and if you couldn’t figure that out, you were just being un-objective and being a typical paranoid wrestler. He was going to take some spots because he was willing to put in the work to see that that got done. Some of his mannerisms and how he navigated the political waters were not universally accepted by a lot of guys that Triple H’s power base affected,”

Speaking in a recent interview, Mark Jindrak who appeared with WWE in the early 2000’s claimed that Triple H “blatantly buried” him. In 2003, Jindrak was originally earmarked for a spot in what would become the Evolution stable, however, he was replaced by Batista before the group debuted together on television.

H/t to Sportskeeda for the transcription.