Jim Ross Thinks CM Punk Is “Too Good” Not To Wrestle Again

CM Punk on the mic

Jim Ross believes CM Punk will get back in the ring.

CM Punk hasn’t wrestled since defeating Samoa Joe at AEW All In, and it appears he won’t be adding to his match record any time soon. At the event, Punk got into an altercation backstage and was fired less than a week later.

With his AEW career seemingly behind him, some feel the star might return to WWE, while others have speculated that his career could be over altogether. Punk famously didn’t wrestle from early 2014 until joining AEW in the summer of 2021, given his acrimonious exit from WWE.

Speaking on his Grilling JR podcast, Jim Ross discussed the situation around the controversial star. The WWE Hall of Famer and AEW announcer said that while he assumes Punk will land in WWE, nothing is for certain. JR added that in his mind, Punk is simply too good to leave the wrestling business entirely.

“I hope so, and I think it’ll probably happen. I just don’t have any leads or any dirt. He’s still young enough and hungry enough I think to go out and grab those big paydays. I just don’t know where or when. Obviously, one would assume, that’s all I’m doing, one would assume that CM Punk’s next destination could be WWE. But there’s no guarantee of that, either. I don’t know how they left it.

Then when you go through a big turnover like WWE did this week with the Endeavor thing being finalized, you never know. I’m gonna miss him because I enjoy being around him, and we have such a small crew that comes on Saturday night.

It’s a pretty unique environment, Collision nights. A whole lot less people are there. He’s too good not to use his skills. But I don’t know. He’s a different cat, as everybody knows. That’s not a revelation, either,”

What Next For CM Punk?

Despite the chaos surrounding his exit, Dave Meltzer recently admitted he wouldn’t be shocked to see CM Punk return to AEW. Meltzer came to the conclusion after suggesting that WWE doesn’t really need the star given their own recent success.

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