Jim Ross Says Stone Cold Refused To Read Hall Of Fame Induction From Script

Jim Ross Stone Cold Steve Austin

Jim Ross says Stone Cold Steve Austin found the fact he was given a script to read for JR’s WWE Hall Of Fame induction “very offensive.”

The iconic Texas Rattlesnake was tasked with welcoming his good friend and legendary broadcaster Jim Ross into the WWE Hall Of Fame in 2007. Ross was part of an all-star class that year as he was joined in the Hall Of Fame by broadcast partner and Memphis legend Jerry ‘The King’ Lawler as well as The Sheik, Mr. Fuji, Nick Bockwinkel, Mr. Perfect, and The American Dream Dusty Rhodes.

As has become the custom in WWE, those inducting the newest Hall Of Fame members are given a script to read – no matter who they are.

Speaking on his Grilling JR podcast [available early and ad-free at AdFreeShows.com] Jim Ross revealed that Stone Cold Steve Austin was less than thrilled at being handed a script when it came time to induct Ross:

“Austin inducted me, us being first, and him throwing away the script they had written for him to introduce me. He found that very offensive and he did his own introduction.”

Jim Ross added that his WWE Hall Of Fame induction was probably his favourite moment throughout his entire run with the company and says he’s not going to be inducted for a second time:

“I think that would probably be my favourite [WWE moment] because it’s so unique, it’s only gonna happen once. I’m not gonna be one of those guys, if you’re gonna make a bet, you can bet JR is not gonna get that second Hall of Fame ring from WWE. But I’m very proud of the one I got. Special night.”

h/t Sportskeeda