Jim Ross Shares Health Update On Jerry Lawler

Jerry Lawler

Jerry Lawler has had a rough battle with his health over the years. A decade ago he suffered a heart attack while commentating on an episode of Monday Night RAW. He survived that ordeal, and even got healthy enough to wrestle at least one match per year from 2013 to 2023.

However, things changed once again in February of this year when he suffered a stroke. Lawler suffered a stroke previously in 2018, but this one was seen as much more serious than that first one.

Lawler has survived but now there is concern that all of these issues are taking their toll on his body. As such, Jim Ross, Lawler’s close friend and longtime commentary partner, has tried to assure worried fans that things are still going in a positive direction for Lawler.

Jerry Lawler to have procedure done to help him recover from recent stroke

Jim Ross gave an update on Lawler’s condition on a recent episode of his Grilling JR Podcast, noting that Lawler is having an unspecified procedure being done on his brain.

“He’s getting his procedure done this week. I’m anxious to see what the results are gonna be to help his brain and get over the stroke that he had. So, I’m pulling for him. I know we all are, but he feels like that procedure is something he can handle and would help him.”

Jerry Lawler is officially still considered an active wrestler. He debuted as a wrestler in 1970 and hasn’t had a formal or official retirement.

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