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Jim Ross Says AEW Crowds Remind Him Of The Attitude Era

Jim Ross

Legendary announcer Jim Ross has compared AEW’s fervent support to that of fans during the Attitude Era.

WWE’s Attitude Era is fondly remembered by nostalgic fans for a whole host of reasons, but one of the most often cited is the fans. Arena’s were packed, fans chanted throughout the shows and the crowds were packed with signs.

As viewing habits have changed, the nature of crowds has also changed, but WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross says AEW’s crowds are something of a blast from the past.

Discussing AEW’s new found momentum with the creation of Rampage and the arrival of CM Punk, Ross said that it was a blessing to be involved. Speaking on a recent episode of his Grilling JR podcast, available via Ad Free Shows, JR praised the fans who have supported AEW so passionately.

“It’s been great, a blessing quite frankly,” Ross said. “Takes you back to a different time, different place quite frankly to many of us. It’s very Attitude Era-esque. The signs, posters, noise, enthusiasm from start to finish, it’s just been glorious.

“Rampage has been received well, people like what they’re seeing there. I think they’re happy to have a show on Friday nights to cap off the week. It’s all good, good momentum and it’s all thanks to the fans. We appreciate their support, help build our brand and we’ll continue to do that and work hard every week.”

Continuing on, Ross said that it was a very exciting time to be a wrestling fan, especially for younger fans who never got to experience the Monday Night Wars.

“Everyday of my life is a good day to be a wrestling fan but especially right now,” Ross mentioned. “Especially for a lot of the younger fans who were too young to experience on a regular basis the Monday Night Wars as they were happening and Monday Night RAW’s success in the Attitude Era and so forth. It feels good, it feels right. Hopefully we’ll continue to grow our young talents and our homegrown talents will continue to grow and mature and get better at what they do. Then you add a few of these great veterans to the mix to help us in front of the camera but behind the camera as well. I think Tony Khan is building a great foundation for our brand. We’re not nearly through growing, so it’s all good. The TV ratings have been good, I’ve been very blessed to see that happen so it’s a great time to be a wrestling fan. You should be a fan of everything but we really appreciate the fans who like what we do in AEW.”

“I just think it’s good for the fans. Select what you want to watch and if you’re not going to watch something, you don’t need to cut promos on social media about why you’re not watching. Just leave it alone and support everything. It’s just so much easier to promote what we all love and not take a political stance.”

After making his AEW debut on Rampage, CM Punk arrived on AEW Dynamite on August 25th. During an in-ring interview with Tony Schiavone, Punk addressed his upcoming match against Darby Allin. Punk also teased the arrival of former WWE Champion Daniel Bryan.

While there has been no official statement from either side it was reported back in July that Bryan had signed with AEW. More recently a new report has suggested that his debut might be coming a little earlier than expected.

H/t to Wrestling Inc for the transcription.