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Jim Ross Reveals Why WCW SuperBrawl Was Created

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Jim Ross has revealed the origins of World Championship Wrestling’s SuperBrawl event that began in the May of 1991.

Ross was an announcer at the time in WCW and called the SuperBrawl show alongside WCW booker and former NWA World Champion, Dusty Rhodes.

Speaking on his Grilling JR podcast with co-host Conrad Thompson, the current voice of AEW gave his take on why SuperBrawl came to exist. Thompson asked JR if the idea for the SuperBrawl event came from Rhodes and if the main event was his version of the Super Bowl. The main event saw New Japan Pro Wrestling’s Tatsumi Fujinami face WCW’s Ric Flair with both their world titles on the line. However, it was only acknowledged at the event that Flair’s WCW belt was up for grabs.

JR responded:

“The overriding agenda was to help create a working relationship with New Japan. That was the bottom line for the whole damn thing. We’d get access to their talent, they’d get access to ours as long as the schedules were mutually agreed upon and planned out in advance where it doesn’t adversely affect touring or booking or what have you. I think that was the main reason. In order to do that, maybe a route we could take was to put the main title on a Japanese star.”

Jim Ross then went on to say that despite the main event pitting two of the best in the world against each other, the match still left him cold:

“There’s no doubt in that era in 1991 Tasumi Fujinami was as good as there was. He’s a top hand. I’m a big believer that the match-up was cool but I just didn’t feel it. I think the build-up was very poor and it didn’t give me that emotional investment that I really needed because what we’re seeing there is two of the best in the entire world wrestle. You’d think that should be good enough but the presentation of this wonderful match-up never existed. It was a poor story told in my view.”

Flair defeated Fujinami on that occasion but the relationship between New Japan and WCW endured for years. The two even took part in the infamous ‘Collision In Korea’ in Pyongyang, North Korea. That show will be the subject of an episode of the latest season of Dark Side Of The Ring.

Credit: Grilling JR

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