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Jim Ross Reveals Why A Second Invasion Angle Never Came To Fruition

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Jim Ross has discussed the much-debated invasion angle in WWE when WCW and ECW took the fight to the company and gives the reason why the story was never repeated.

When WCW was bought by Vince McMahon in 2001 it marked a seismic shift in the wrestling business with the ‘Monday Night Wars’ officially coming to an end. Around the same time, the third company in the US – ECW – also closed its doors leaving WWE as the only game in town.

With several stars acquired from both companies, the WWE launched an invasion storyline as first WCW and then ECW came to take out their frustrations on WWE. WCW was of course led by Vince’s son Shane with ECW introducing their new benefactor as Vince’s daughter, Stephanie McMahon. Between the fact most of the story then revolved around the McMahon family’s dysfunction, the lack of top stars such as Goldberg, Sting, or Kevin Nash from WCW hindered fan’s interest in the supposed invasion.

The story culminated at Survivor Series in 2001 when a ‘Winner Take All’ match saw Vince McMahon see of his offspring’s challenge for pro-wrestling dominance. The fact that ‘Team Alliance’ on that night was represented by Stone Cold Steve Austin, Kurt Angle, Shane McMahon, Rob Van Dam, and Booker T goes along to way to tell why the story fell somewhat flat. Only Booker T had been a legitimate star in WCW with RVD being the only true main event reflection of ECW.

Speaking on his Grilling JR podcast [first available at AdFreeShows.com] Jim Ross has discussed why the angle was not repeated further down the line, despite the fact former WCW President Eric Bischoff had joined the company.

Ross explained:

“The ship sailed and we blew it on the first go-around. We didn’t have access to all those guys. When you don’t have the stars, it’s like making a John Wayne movie with a remake, you don’t have John Wayne, it loses a little something.”

“The transition there when we bought WCW and tried to interface the guys together and things of that nature. I feel bad about that and I gotta take some responsibility, we didn’t do a good job of the transition.”

As well as Bischoff, WCW stars Hollywood Hogan, Kevin Nash, Scott Hall, Goldberg, and Rey Mysterio all joined the company after the invasion storyline was but a distant memory.

Credit: Grilling JR via AdFreeShows.com

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