Jim Ross Reveals How He “P*ssed Off” Vince McMahon

Jim Ross

After over forty years behind the commentary desk Jim Ross has called some of the biggest, best and most memorable spots in professional wrestling history. Who can forget his famous “As god is my witness, he is broken in half!” line when Mick Foley was launched from the top of the Hell in a Cell at King of the Ring 1998? Or his legendary “Stone Cold! Stone Cold! Stone Cold!” whenever the Texas Rattlesnake served up an ass whopping.

Because of the memorable calls, Good ol’ JR is often referred to as the ‘Voice of a Generation’ but what happens when that voice goes away? Well, it p*sses off Vince McMahon for starters and that’s exactly what happened when JR lost his voice.

On the recent edition of his Grilling JR podcast, the legendary commentator told how he was unable to talk for the first time in his career.

Well, we didn’t talk about a backup plan because we certainly didn’t know he [Michael Cole] was going to lose his voice [at WrestleMania 19].

I lost my voice one time in my career, and that was in WWE, and it was after a pay-per-view. I just, it was gone. So no matter how much hot water I drank or hot tea, or what have you, it didn’t work. And I know Vince got really p*ssed off at me because my voice was bad.

Like I was at fault, so that was a little frustrating. But one time, I’ve been real lucky. My voice is strong. And I’ve been real lucky to not lose my voice in all these years, but once in almost 50 years. So that’s a pretty good record.

Jim Ross Provided A Health Update On Jerry Lawler

Ross’ WWE tenure is synonymous with Jerry The King Lawler. On February 6th, Lawler suffered a stroke outside his home in Florida. Ross has once again taken to social media to update fans on Lawler’s condition as he continues to recover.

According to Ross, the two men spoke on the phone recently, and Lawler’s voice continued to sound stronger as the conversation went on. He also revealed that Lawler is set to undergo another procedure soon to aid in his recovery.

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